...every time I come across a brainchild of Chris Wardle's I learn something.

Geoffrey Durham

Chris Wardle imageChris is a teacher who spends his spare time devising magic effects. He has invented numerous tricks and has authored effects for a wide range of publications for over 20 years. He contributed over 100 ideas to Goodliffe's 'Abracadabra' magazine and won 'Trick of the Year' twice for his contributions to 'The Magician' magazine. He has a regular column of tricks and ideas in ‘The Magic Circular’, the magazine exclusively for members of The Magic Circle.

Chris enjoys sharing his creations with other magicians. His ideas have been featured in Mark Elsdon's 'Hidden Gems', 'The Best of Alchemy Card Magic', 'The Mentalism and Mind Reading Secrets of Repro Magic' and Peter Duffie's 'Mindblasters'.   

Chris is the author of ‘Maths Tricks and Number Magic’. This is a book of magic tricks and number predictions designed for children to explore the magic of mathematics. You simply follow the instructions and the book appears to be able to read your mind! It is also a very useful volume for magicians, as it contains 60 effects using varied number principles, so it is an excellent reference source for ideas and methods. Chris followed this volume with 'Word Tricks and Spelling Magic'. 

Chris was a contributor to 'The World of Children's Magic', a book produced and sold by ‘Practical Magic’ in aid of a number of global children's charities. 

Chris Wardle magic square

Chris is also the inventor of a number of dual, reflected and ambigramatic Magic Squares. Some of these can be viewed by following www.markfarrar.co.uk/chris-wardles-dual-magic-square.htm where they have been kindly published by Mark Farrar on his dedicated magic squares website.

Chris is a Member of the Inner Magic Circle, with Gold Star and was the winner of The Magic Circle's 'Cecil Lyle Award' in 2014. This award is for magical invention, for the best trick published in 'The Magic Circular'.

Script Writer and Magic Consultant

As a student Chris wrote comedy sketches for The Russ Abbott Show and Smith and Jones. He was the magic consultant to Nick Warburton's 2006 Edinburgh Fringe production of 'Dr Faustus' and created effects for Jack Barton's 2011 Edinburgh Fringe mentalism show 'Fate and Two Sugars'.

Chris devised ideas for top British magician Geoffrey Durham, which he used during his appearances on Channel 4's Countdown. Chris also devised an effect which became part of Geoffrey's stage show and cabaret work. Geoffrey's acclaimed book 'Professional Secrets' devotes an entire chapter to this effect.