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Maths Tricks & Number Magic

maths tricks book softcoverChris Wardle's new book is a collection of 60 number-based tricks and effects involving hidden mathematics. Follow the instructions and the book appears to be able to read your mind! It is suitable for all ages and demonstrates the magic of mathematics. It is now available on Amazon.

Magicians won't find 'grey elephants in Denmark' or the number 1089 anywhere here, as these effects encompass a wide range of methods which have all been given some subtle and new twists. Although aimed at the general market, magicians will love this useful collection of varied number principles gathered together in one volume. Use these baffling tricks over the phone, in an email or text, in your publicity material or on the radio, as well as in more obvious performing situations. They have many uses for the creative performer!


One Track Mind

What do YOU think of most of the time? Research shows that men spend their time thinking of just four things – you can probably guess what some of them are.

The performer takes four cards and makes a prediction of what he thinks the spectator is thinking of. When the cards are turned there's only one answer.

Your spectator has a One Track Mind!!

Easy! Funny! No Sleights!

One Track Mind is available exclusively from Practical Magic.


Wander-ful Spoon

Wanderful SpoonEFFECT: After his magic wand hilariously breaks whilst in a volunteer's hand, the performer uses an empty drawstring bag and his magic spoon to 'make' a brand new wand.

A simple, magical appearance of a solid wand which is easy to perform, different and follows on logically from any breakaway wand sequence.

A great effect for the children's entertainer Wander-ful Spoon is available exclusively from Made To Measure Magic.